Department of Education


To present education as a field of study with a focus on producing high quality teaching professionals, educational leaders, entrepreneurs, trainers and mentors employing moderen educational approaches and contributing towards creating knowledge to cater for evolving learning and teaching environment during unforeseen challenges for general and special education


To inculcate competitive atmosphere of collaborative learning, problem solving and critical thinking as a way to develop a community of life-long learners having in-depth knowledge of traditional and contemporary pedagogical approaches, assessment and evaluation techniques, curriculum planning and implementation, educational management and psychological needs of learners in general and learners with special needs in particular.


The department of Education is currently offering two degree programs i.e. BS Education (4 Years) and B.Ed. (2.5 Years). The department has engaged highly motivated faculty with required qualifications and expertise to ensure quality academic programs. The department shall strive to adopt advanced pedagogical approaches aligned with the vision and mission of the department. Students will experience blended approach i.e. classroom teaching, experimentation / simulations & field projects for hands-on learning in different educational settings.
The department is committed to the concept that education has to be understood in a larger socio-economic and diversified cultural context. The central library has got good stocks of text and reference books as recommended by HEC. The scheme of study is completely in sync with guidelines provided by the latest NCRC.

Programs Offered