Department of Management Sciences & Technology


To emphasize on the management of technology and the application of technology to management throguh fostering skills and confidence required for Entrepreneurial endeavors in prospective technology-driven growth sectors to nurture the concept of knowledge-based economy


Use innovation and collective inventiveness to advance & create knowledge to blend the concepts of Management sciences & technology through professional ethics, contemporary practices in research, interactive & problem-based learning and exposure to career opportunities especially as an Entrepreneur that enable graduates to solve challenges in a complex and rapidly changing economical & social norms in post pandemic era.


The Management Science and Technology Department is currently offering Four Years (04) Degree Programs namely; BS Management & Technology, BS Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership and BBA with majors in Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing. Department has highly motivated faculty with required qualifications & expertise to ensure the quality of education. The pedagogical approach is aligned with vision & mission that is a blended approach of classroom teaching & case study /problem-solving methods to embrace the complex concepts. Department is committed to the concept that new management perspectives are emerging every day in manufacturing, technology, software, and socio-economic entrepreneurial settings. Therefore, understanding of the emerging trends in management sciences and technology is key to success. Department has got shared Laboratories for Computing & Physics. Moreover, dedicated Lab facilities are also available for Basic Electrical & Technology courses. Text & Reference books as recommended by HEC shall be available to students for lending & in-house reading. Scheme of studies for all the programs are completely in line with HEC guidelines provided in latest NCRC.

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