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Mr. Jai Parkash is a self-motivated teacher and Teacher Educator. He did B.Ed (Hons) with specialization in Science and Mathematics Education from Sukkur IBA University and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education from Aga Khan University, Karachi in 2019. He has presented six qualitative research papers at national and international conferences on different topics such as Mobile learning, Classroom Management and Discipline, Learning difficulties, Mathematics, Science, and STEM Education. At this moment, he is inquiring multidisciplinary approaches (i.e. STEM Education) to add new ways of teaching-learning.
Mr. Jai Parkash has diverse teaching and leadership experience starting from low cast private school to the university level. Initially, he worked as an Elementary Mathematics Teacher and Vice Principal in Al-Kareem Public School Keenjhar Taluka Daharki for almost two years. He also had a wonderful experience as a Data Analyst, E-Marker, and Data Reviewer in SAT-II and SAT-III about 08 months at Sukkur IBA. During his bachelor, he rendered his services as the first coordinator of the education society at Sukkur IBA University for a year. In Addition to this, He was a “Monitoring and Evaluation Officer” at The Aga Khan Examination Board, Karachi during the exams. Later, he joined Government High School Dad Laghari as a Junior Elementary School Teacher (JEST, BPS-14) as to reach maximum underprivileged students for a year. Currently, he is serving as a Lecturer Education (BPS-18) in Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University Sukkur.

Awards / Achievements

1. Awarded USAID Fully Funded Scholarship throughout the degree in Sukkur IBA University
2. Awarded Tablet PC by USAID Reading Project for being second highest CGPA holder in the Batch of B.Ed (Hons) at Sukkur IBA, University in 2019


M.Phil Aga Khan University Institute for Educational DevelopmentEducation2019
Bachelor of Education SUKKUR IBA University.Education 2017