Miss Anila Kiran

Aneela Kiran

Director Students Affairs

Directorate Student Affairs

The directorate is one of the main & compulsory part of the university. It is headed by Director Students Affairs (DSA) and under the director, there are number of Students Welfare Officers.
The aim of this directorate is to provide full support & guidance to students during their academic journey to make the thriving & a vivacious community. To fulfil this aim, directorate is striving hard for the welfare of students and guide them for their day-to-day problems. It is responsible to keep an eye on the activities of students to maintain the discipline along with the law & order situation at the campus.
The directorate is responsible to facilitates the students by providing various services including admissions, welfare, sports, health care, career counseling, study & entertainment trips, guidance, scholarships, financial aid, entertainments, awareness programs and hostel accommodation through “One Window” concept of HEC funded project title “Kamyab Jawan Markaz”.
This department is also responsible to celebrates multiple Events, National & International Days in collaboration with different Students’ Club & Society.