BS Management Sciences

The BS in management science has a multidisciplinary atmosphere, which focuses on innovative technologies to efficiently run different businesses. The program covers topics like decision sciences, engineering sciences, statistics, financial accounting, systems analysis and management communications. The graduates go on to become operations research and decision/risk analysts, top executives and much more avenues will be opened for them.

PEO - 1: To produce students with a basic understanding of management science including analytical problem solving and communication skills.
PEO - 2: To prepare students for practice in a field that observes rapid changes in tools, problems, and opportunities.
PEO - 3: To promote awareness and skillsets necessary to make effective decisions and become responsible citizens, employees, leaders and entrepreneurs among graduates

PLO - 1: Graduates may identify, formulate, and solve management science related- problems using basic and contemporary knowledge which includes Economics, Labour Law and Industrial Law.
PLO - 2: Graduates may use the techniques, skills, and modern management science tools necessary for decision making and risk analysis
PLO - 3: Graduates may function and communicate effectively, ethically and professionally on multidisciplinary teams in various fields of management science.
PLO - 4: Graduates may recognize the need for and ability to engage in life-long learning.

Program Details

Degree Title

BS Management Sciences

Duration of Program

The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years.