BS Management & Technology

This program includes broader topics such as management, accounting and financial management. The program also covers emerging technologies and sustainable growth. It is imperative for the technology managers to keep up with fast-changing technology developments and innovations. They understand products and services and what new ones that will thrive in the market. Graduate in Management & Technology more likely to become chief technology officers, project manager, business development executive/manager, product manager, marketing manager, analytics manager, business analyst, technical program manager, senior product manager, technical product manager and open their own start-ups as well such as consultancy firms and business ventures.

PEO - 1: To inculcate the ability to use modern technological tools applied in the management practices needed in contemporary business within the bounds of practical constraints such as economic environmental, social, political, ethical, health & safety, and sustainability
PEO - 2: To provide the skills required to work and manage in the organizations in the growing technology sector in Pakistani and global context.
PEO - 3: To provide the knowledge in managing and serving the society within a diverse environment with creative ideas and developing innovative products maintaining ethical standards required for certain technology operations.
PEO - 4: To provide knowledge and skills to launch start-ups in every field especially in emerging sectors like technology.

PLO - 1: Graduates may apply knowledge of management, electrical & electronics engineering, management information systems and technology fundamentals to the solution of complex business situations in Pakistan and around the world.
PLO - 2: Graduates may identify, formulate, and analyze complex management & technology problems to reach substantial conclusions using management and technology principles.
PLO - 3: Graduates may identify and resolve ethical and social problems that arise in the business and technology environment.
PLO - 4: Graduates may demonstrate an academic integration of their applied/technical cognate and the major courses emphasizing communication, training and technology systems management.
PLO - 5: Graduates may apply and interpret functional business knowledge in using systems, modern software tools.
PLO - 6: Graduates may develop technological entrepreneurial qualities, ability to meet the challenges and make effective decisions in complex business situations.
PLO - 7: Graduates may understand the Industrial and Labor Law; its application to business and technology units.

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BS Management & Technology

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years.

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Fall 2022


Fall 2020