BS Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject that influence almost every field of science and Technology. Chemistry plays vital role in medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Food industry, advanced smart materials, electronics, textile, food and diagnostic health care sections etc. We are committed to produce knowledgeable graduates having necessary skills to seek meaningful careers in various fields of interest. Here the students will have four different choices of specialization in the final year of their study, namely Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

PEO - 1: Graduates will be equipped with requisite basic to advanced level concepts of chemistry, practical skills and laboratory analysis techniques.
PEO - 2: Graduates will be exposed to advanced skills and cutting research trend of the Chemistry.
PEO - 3: Graduates will be able to play their role in industry, academia and research in the context of Chemistry.
PEO - 4: Graduates will show commitment to ethical values and will play their role in the betterment of the society

PLO - 1: Graduate will be exposed to fundamental- advanced theoretical concepts and student would be able to apply these concepts in research and real-world problems in Chemistry.
PLO - 2: Apply scientific methods, including formulating a hypothesis, designing studies, laboratory-based techniques, data analysis and drawing conclusions to address both research and real-world problems in chemistry and design rational criteria and a scientifically sound strategy to evaluate the correctness and effectiveness of solutions obtained;
PLO - 3: Recognize the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry, connect chemistry with other sciences and integrate knowledge of mathematics, physics and Biosciences other discipline etc.
PLO - 4: wide variety of experimental and theoretical approaches to solve problems and analyze the solutions.
PLO - 5: Exercise ethical and professional conduct and demonstrate high personal integrity when conducting research in chemistry.
PLO - 6: Apply proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals and identify, recognize, and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices affecting people, property and the environment and design appropriate strategies to mitigate any identified risks.
PLO - 7: Recognize the importance of continuing professional development and attitude by analyzing current trends and literature and developing new skills, and set carrier goals and successfully pursue career objectives in education, government, industry and related fields.

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BS Chemistry

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years

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