BS Environmental Science

Environmental science is a broad and multidisciplinary field exploring processes that impact a wide range of biological organisms, biodiversity & conservation, ecosystems and environments around the earth. In recent years, awareness about the complexity of the natural environment and the impact of human activity has accelerated. This has led to the growth of environmental science as a major international discipline, helping tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet such as global warming and climate change. Environmental issues represent a growing concern for global government, businesses and societies, and there is a high demand for environmental specialists in all these areas. The Begum Nusrat Bhutto being pioneer in the field of environmental science in this region. The graduates will pursue careers in industry, research, conservation, ecology, and many other sectors worldwide.

PEO - 1: To enable students to learn how to analyze and assess environmental problems, its interrelationships with other systems of the society.
PEO - 2: To equip student with the knowledge and skill necessary for pollution abatement, environmental conservation, management of natural resources and making path to sustainable development.
PEO - 3: To impart skills to carry out independent scientific and technical research on various crosscutting aspects of environmental issues.

To equip the graduates with an ability to understand the linkages between various bio-physical and socio-economic components of environment and with an expertise of.

PLO - 1: Demonstration of capabilities to understand the natural and socioeconomic processes driving environmental systems.
PLO - 2: Learning of scientific and technical expertise to solve environmental problems by introducing interventions.
PLO - 3: Development of interactions with stakeholders, managers and policy makers in addressing environmental issues
PLO - 4: Graduates will be able to apply the scientific method and design appropriate experiments to answer environmental science questions.
PLO - 5: Graduates will be able to analyze and critique environmental questions across multiple natural and social science perspectives and research approaches.
PLO - 6: Graduates will understand the system interactions and feedbacks between human activities and social institutions and the natural environment.
PLO - 7: Graduates will be experienced in communicating their learnings both in writing, visually, and orally, and for specific and general audiences.

Program Details

Degree Title

BS Environmental Science

Duration of Program

The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years