MS Education

The newly launched two years MS Education program is targeted ambitious women who want to contribute to the field of education by obtaining positions as educational leaders, policy developers, teacher educators, academic advisors, consultants, and faculty members to uplift the quality of education in the country. Scholars are provided multiple opportunities to critically analyze the issues ranging from the classroom level to policy level, evaluate educational interventions and suggest evidence-based successful practices to address those flaws in the education system. The competent and learned faculty members facilitate higher-order thinking skills by using innovative pedagogy, resultantly scholars hone their industrial skills such as cognitive and metacognitive, socio-emotional and practical skills. In MS Education program, female leaders and academicians are facilitated to conduct action research, and propose context specified solutions. Technology is an integral part of the MS Education program and modern tools and effective software and platforms such as Smart Classrooms, LMS, Reference Managers, R, SPSS, NVIVO and Turnitin are used for learning and research. By creating emotional awareness among scholars, they are encouraged to remain committed with the field in long-run and pursue PhD and Post-Doc. in Educational Studies.

PEO - 1: To develop and apply knowledge, skills and attitude required in the field of education.
PEO - 2: To critically evaluate educational policies and propose evidence-based successful educational practices.
PEO - 3: To adopt contemporary behavioral science research approaches to predict and prevent educational problems.
PEO - 4: To give real-life and field experience to learners by undertaking action and experimental research.
PEO - 5: To become a reflective practitioner who integrates technology to become independent learner, support community of practices and aids in human learning processes.
PEO - 6: To join intellectual discourse by participating in national and international conferences.

After completing MS Education program, the graduates will be able to:

PLO - 1: Demonstrate a strong research-based, knowledge, effective planning and implementation skills and a positive attitude as an effective educational leader, innovative teacher educator, and creative curriculum planner and evaluator as well as a change agent in education
PLO - 2: Divulge a sound knowledge of educational plans and policies in Pakistan that enables them to develop Glocalized educational policies and plans which are locally developed and globally effective.
PLO - 3: Exhibit strong knowledge of contemporary developments and researches in behavioral sciences on the basis of which graduates can develop solutions of localized educational problems
PLO - 4: Reveal a strong grip on different research paradigms, approaches and methodologies to carry out meaningful and task-oriented research in educational institutions
PLO - 5: Reflect professionally to integrate technology as an autonomous learner, capable of supporting the community of practices and helpful in the process of human learning
PLO - 6: Conduct and present their research results in front of academia, learning lovers, research experts, innovative researchers and educators to build a strong social and academic relationship at personal and organizational level.

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MS Education

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 2 years

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Spring 2023


Fall 2022