BS English (Linguistics & Literature/ TESOL)

The Department of Linguistics & Social Sciences is introducing its 4-year BS program in English (Linguistics & Literature/TESOL) program. The main objective of the program is to assist students cognize fundamental concepts of linguistics & literature. The focus is on familiarizing the seminal work in the discipline of Linguistics & English Literature. The program aims to enable students with an academic and research aptitude towards the modern languages and cultural diversity around the world. BS English (Linguistics & Literature/TESOL) program will also enable students to acquire the skills that are needed to bring a momentous professional impact to the fields of Linguistics & Social Sciences. This program is confirming with the vision of the HEC Pakistan intending to produce latent leaders and life-long learners.
The BS English (Linguistics & Literature) graduates will have career opportunities in private and government sectors in Pakistan and overseas. The graduates with the BS English (Linguistics & Literature) can outshine in many arenas not limited to teaching, communication, administration, translation and interpretation studies, computational linguistics, and different genres of writing i.e. poetry, novel, drama, and content writing.
The BS English with specialization in TESOL shall provide students with the opportunity to develop their theoretical knowledge to gain skills required for planning and teaching English to speakers of other languages. The graduates of this program will be able to choose from a range of specialist professions such as English Language Teaching, Language Course Designing, Teacher Training, and English for Specific Profession (ESP). The graduates may also become an entrepreneur and start-up Language Centers in and outside Pakistan. The scheme of study is completely in accordance with the HEC guidelines.

The graduate of BS English (Language & Literature/TESOL) is expected to accomplish the following PEOs:

PEO - 1: Enable to devise and follow “study system” , apply critical thinking and adopt effective pedagogical and learning strategies aimed at improving the desired linguistic, inter and intrapersonal skills.
PEO - 2: Understand National and Global literary theories as a broad field of philosophical, historical and cultural concepts and principles in classical and modern periods from Renaissance to the present.
PEO - 3: Understand and analyze the emergence and decay of languages locally and globally.
PEO - 4: Conduct a well-argued and well-documented research with a clear thesis statement, critical thinking, argumentation and synthesis of information.
PEO - 5: Able to investigate virtual communication tools, integration of social media, virtual collaboration tools, digital storytelling, and their application to their professional and scholarly interests
PEO - 6: Able to investigate virtual communication tools, integration of social media, virtual collaboration tools, digital storytelling, and their application to their professional and scholarly interests.

PLOs are the narrower proclamations that explain what students are expected to learn and be competent to perform during graduation. These narrate to the skills, knowledge, and approach that the students gain during the program/

PLO - 1: A graduate can identify major theoretical formulations in the development of linguistics and language and ability to shape her instructional choices.
PLO - 2: A graduate shall possess the capability to communicate in organized academic texts in various genres i.e. poetry, essays, research articles, business letters, thesis etc.
PLO - 3: A graduate develops the knowledge and understanding of the history, evolution & development of human languages, cultures and traditions.
PLO - 4: A graduate shall be prepared to communicate in the formal and informal settings effectively with life-long learning skills of preparing and giving presentations
PLO - 5: A graduate may use pedagogical content & knowledge adequate for a particular group of language learners by utilizing the cutting-edge technologies.
PLO - 6: A graduate shall be equipped to meet the expectations of academic, professional, and personal life that demands cutting-edge skills of the 21st century

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BS English

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years.

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