B.Ed (4 years)

The BNBWU aims to develop quality teachers by meeting standards made by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan. The B.Ed. (Secondary) program is aligned with those standards and it provides opportunity to females for becoming secondary teachers in a particular subject to work with young people. By studying core subjects, learners will become able to understand and address the diverse needs to young generation. Graduates of this program can become secondary teachers in both public and private sectors. The prominent features of this program include, a combination of three types of knowledge essential for teachers viz: Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK). These skills are necessary to become effective teacher and a passion to inspire and urge students to become fully functioning individual. Learners are involved in situations where they practice the theory and various exciting, cooperating, research-based, and reflective practices are utilized to create professionals who make mindful decisions and remain ready to uplift the quality of teaching and learning in Sindh.

PEO - 1: Develop a wide range of content knowledge of specialized subjects by involving students in hands and minds on activities.
PEO - 2: Adopt holistic approach to competence by involving in cognitive, affective and psychomotor activities to act in responsible ways as secondary teachers.
PEO - 3: Exhibit the characteristics of 21st century professional teacher including personalized instructions, technology integration, collaboration, communication and leadership.
PEO - 4: Become aware of individual differences and contribute in developing context-specified pedagogies by using eclectic approach and through experiments and action research.
PEO - 5: Promote life-long love for learning among secondary school students by involving them in inquiry-based learning, fostering passion for scientific subjects and instilling curiosity about the world around them.
PEO - 6: Practice teaching in real school setting by working with qualified teachers and also in independent environment.

After completing B.Ed.4-year program, graduate will be able to:

PLO - 1: Demonstrate a solid and broad-based knowledge of different subjects by hands and mind on activities in different learning situations and teaching environments.
PLO - 2: Present themselves as a professional and responsible teacher by involving students in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor activities using a holistic approach to teaching
PLO - 3: Evince the qualities of 21st-century professional teachers by using personalized instructions, integration of technology in classroom teaching, collaboration with others, multi-faced communication and educational leadership.
PLO - 4: Have a strong knowledge of student’s growth and development, individual differences and developed context-specific teaching methods by using eclectic approaches through real problem-based research..
PLO - 5: Develop a love for lifelong learning in secondary school students through inquiry-based learning fostering passion for scientific subjects and instilling curiosity about the world around them.
PLO - 6: Demonstrate an effective teaching skills in real school settings with and without a mentor

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B.Ed (4 Years)

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years.

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