BS Physics

BS Physics, a four-year degree program, not only enables the students to scientifically understand and analyze the behavior of nature but orientate them with many interdisciplinary subjects such as: physics with design studies, mathematical sciences, chemistry, engineering & technology, energy & environmental studies, biophysics, and nanotechnology.
Bachelor of Science Program (BS) in Physics is designed to fulfill national and international standards and is based on a scheme of studies recognised by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The BS Physics aims to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for students to actively and exploratively learn basic physics. The graduate of BS Physics is expected to accomplish the following PEOs:
PEO - 1: To equip the graduates an intellectually stimulating and satisfying life-long learning experience in the field of physics.
PEO - 2: Graduates will demonstrate technical competency and leadership to become researchers and scientists leading to a successful career.
PEO - 3: Graduates will demonstrate commitment towards sustainable development for the bet- terment of society.
PEO - 4: Graduates will pursue lifelong learning in generating innovative scientific solutions using research and complex problem-solving skills.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the often complex and dynamic environments faced by engineering, science, and technology organizations and the knowledge and skills required to manage and lead those organizations through the following:

PLO - 1: Develop a grasp of the scientific method, i.e. understand how observation, experiment and theory work together to achieve understanding of the physical world.
PLO - 2: Develop sufficient physical intuition, including the ability to estimate an approximate or conceptual answer to a physics problem and recognize whether or not the result of a calculation makes physical sense.
PLO - 3: Know and be able to apply the basic laws of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, geometrical and physical optics, particle physics, astronomy and thermodynamics.
PLO - 4: Know and be able to apply basic mathematical tools commonly used in physics, including differential and integral calculus, vector calculus, ordinary differential equations, and linear algebra.
PLO - 5: Become proficient in using basic laboratory data analysis techniques, including distin- guishing statistical and systematic errors, error propagation, and representing data graphically.
PLO - 6: Acquire basic knowledge and be able to solve textbook problems in whole physics.
PLO - 7: Be able to use more advanced mathematical tools, including Fourier series and transforms, partial differential equations, and functions of a complex variable.
PLO - 8: Be able to use basic computational techniques for modeling physical systems and solving problems using computers.

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BS Physics

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 years

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