Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization

About ORIC

The ORIC-BNBWU promotes and supports the research program/activities at BNBWU Sukkur and plays a key role in establishing linkages of BNBWU with industrial sector for commercialization of research. Building the strong links among academia, industries, research institutes and as well as with policy making institutes drives the economy of any country. The ORIC-BNBWU is the platform to develop and promote the research environment at BNBWU Sukkur.


The mission of the ORIC-BNBWU is to establish, extend, improve, and manage the research programs of the university. The ORIC-BNBWU directly relates research activities to the educational, social, and economic goals of the university and its wider community. The ORIC - BNBWU also ensures that quality of research meets the International standards and ethics.

Commercialization of Research

The process of converting the research ideas and research results from lab to viable products with original features, functionality, and rapid production to meet the demand of the market. Academia, industries and government agencies incorporate together for creative business plans to boost the economy of the country through the native commercial products in local and international markets.

Faculty Development

The ORIC-BNBWU strives for the capacity building of faculty and students by providing them with campus and virtual training, workshops, and interactive sessions to equip them with latest knowledge and advanced skills. The ORIC-BNBWU also facilitate both faculty members and students to attend national and international conferences, seminars, workshop, and other training to strengthen capacity building.

Research Support

The ORIC-BNBWU updates all faculty members and students for local as well as international research, academics and development grants, fellowships and also facilitate in completing the necessary formalities and documentations.