Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Scope of Doctor of Physical Therapy The Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University offers Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPI) under the umbrella of the Department of Linguistics & Human Sciences. The DPT is 5 Year Degree Program and is in line with its departmental vision to uplift the status of women through multidiscipline, higher education opportunities. The primary objective of the DPT Program is to prepare students to practice physical therapy as qualified professionals in leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers of the country. The physical therapists operate as independent practitioners, as well as members of the health care team with patients of different ages with impairments or at risk to develop any problems in body functions and structures, activity limitations and participation restriction. Additionally, the profession is filled with opportunities for growth and diversification. The other areas related to physical therapy are broadly classified into musculoskeletal physical therapy, women health physical therapy, intensive care physical therapy, sports physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, geriatric physical therapy, cardiopulmonary physical therapy and neurological physical therapy. The 05 year program consists of combination of lectures, laboratory and clinical practices in hospital settings with the multidisciplinary approach. The scope of physical therapy practice is dynamic and evolving. It is not limited to direct patient or client care, but also includes community, public health planning, administration, and teaching. Employment opportunity is high in Pakistan and in the Middle East. Private practice and domiciling services can be practiced by the PT graduates.

The program educational objectives of the curriculum reflect the knowledge, skills and behaviors expected of program graduates. The PEOs for DPT Program are as under:

PEO - 1:Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical basis of physiotherapy required to correlate and apply theoretical foundations of knowledge to practice of physical therapy.
PEO - 2: Demonstrate clinical competency in evaluation, treatment planning and implementation through in-depth knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences relevant to physical therapy.
PEO - 3: Demonstrate appropriate communication and decision making skills thus recognizing the rights and dignity of individuals in planning and administrating treatment protocols.
PEO - 4: Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning essential for personal and professional growth.
PEO - 5: Develop interest in management, consultative, and research activities thus integrating critical analysis and evolving trends to physical therapy practices.

The following are the key learning outcomes of the program:

PLO - 1: Be able to Function as competent physical therapists in any health care settings ensuring ethical clinical practice.
PLO - 2: Efficiently and effectively develop and implement an appropriate plan of care and intervention.
PLO - 3: Engage in reflective practice through sound clinical decision making, critical self assessment and commitment to lifelong learning.
PLO - 4: Incorporate positive attitudes and behaviors to all persons.
PLO - 5: To demonstrate the adaptability to changing health care environment for effective and latest therapeutic care provision for the patients.
PLO - 6: Be able to implement human health care regulations and participate in policy making that are consistent with the needs of the patient and the society at large.
PLO - 7: Posses research acumen to Identify problems hence participating in experimental research and incorporate findings into clinical practice.

Program Details

Degree Title

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 5 years

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