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With the pursuit to equity and inclusive excellence, the Department of Linguistics & Social Sciences envisioned to provide transformative academic, research, and outreach programs that promote the evolution of modern languages, preservation of history, culture and well-being of people, their environments, and communities in which they live.


To practise the scientific enquiry of modern languages and human sciences as an experience in its chronological, psychological, and social aspects, through efficient and innovative pedagogical approaches, a research-oriented learning with inter-disciplinary approach to respond with full skill set required for all fronts of Linguistics and Social Sciences.


The Department of Linguistics & Social Sciences is currently offering a 4-year degree program in English with majors in Language & Literature and Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). The department has got qualified and highly motivated faculty to ensure quality of education in the region. The inter-disciplinary pedagogical approach is aligned with the vision and mission that is a blended approach of classroom teaching, research, hands-on practices of complex concepts and theories. The department is committed to the concept that languages are taught in a communicative and practical manner keeping the cultural sensitivity in mind for a global harmony. The department provides appropriate pedagogies - including class size - and environment (classrooms, equipment, resources, and technology) that will precede student retention and attainment as well as a rise in the number of majors and minors. The department is also committed to provide world class education to an emerging profession of TESOL with well-equipped classrooms and language laboratory. Teaching and learning material recommended by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan shall be available to students and teachers for lending and in-house reading.
BS English graduates will have career opportunities in private and government sectors in Pakistan. The graduates with BS English can outshine in many arenas not limited to teaching, communication, administration, translation and interpretation studies, computational linguistics, different genres of writing i.e., poetry, novel, drama, and content writing.
BS TESOL graduates will have career opportunities to teach and learn English as a second/- foreign language to speakers of other languages within a dedicated focused perspective. The graduates with BS TESOL will be self-sufficient and skilled users, and trained teachers and teacher trainers of English language, all through apprised knowledge of language theories and language teaching practice, in distinct professional contexts in Pakistan and in the countries where English is used as a foreign or second language.

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