Hafiz Mahmood-Ul- Hassan

Dr. Hafiz Mehmood Ul Hassan


Department of Linguistics & Social Sciences

Contact Details hafiz.hassan@bnbwu.edu.pk


Dr. Hafiz Mahmood-ul-Hassan Channar is serving as a Lecturer, in Islamic Studies in the Department of Linguistics & Human Sciences at Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University, Sukkur from 2021. He completed Ph.D. from the University of Karachi, Karach Sindh, Pakistan, in 2012. His Doctoral research is in the Science of Hadith on Arabic Manuscript named “MINHAT-UL-BARI FE JAM-E- RIWAYAT SAHEEH-IL-BUKHARI” by Shaikh Muhammad Aabid Sindhi the greatest Scholar of Sindh of 19th century and President of Scholars of Medina Munawara, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Channar completed his Master in Islamic Studies and Arabic Studies from the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan in 2006. He also holds B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees from the same University.
Dr. Channar has worked in renowned organizations of the country. He has almost 15 years of research, teaching and administration experience in his account. He started his career as a researcher at Department of Arabic, University of Karachi and served almost for four years from 2007 to 2011. Then he remained associated with Government Elementary College of Education (Men) Sukkur as lecturer BPS-17 in 2012 and was soon promoted to Assistant Professor BPS-18 in 2018.
During his career at Govt. Elementary College of Education Men Sukkur, Dr. Channar has not only served Government of Sindh as a Teacher but also he has actively participated in other administrative assignments of College. He taught ADE, B.Ed. (Honors), and Oriental Teaching Certificate (OTC) programs. He served as Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department. He also provided his services as In-Charge of Examination.
Other than College responsibilities, Dr. Channar served Government of Pakistan as Master Trainer for teaching Hajj Pilgrims during 2015-16 in Pakistan & in Saudi Arabia. He also remained a member of Syllabus Review Committee of Sindh Text Book Board Jamshoro for Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Research is a key role in academia. Dr. Channar is a keen researcher. He got his five-research articles published in National and International Research Journals and two research papers and four research based peer reviewed books are under publishing process.


Ph.D University of Karachi, PakistanArabic ( Science of Hadith)2012
Oriental Teacher Certificate BISE HyderabadEducation2011
Master of EducationShah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan.Education2009
M.A (Islamic Culture)Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan.Tafseer, Science of Hadith, Fiqa, Arabic Language2006
Specialization Jamia Islamia KarachiScience of Hadith 2005


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