Department of Human and Rehabilitation Sciences


Ensure the well-being of every living creature and play the role in developing economy through intervention of advanced healthcare education and biotechnology research.


Our mission is to serve the community and develop the country’s economy through the intervention of research to enhance the quality of life. A well-qualified faculty aims to produce a quality female workforce equipped with advanced knowledge of healthcare and biotechnology to play a vital role in the healthcare and industrial sections of the country.


The Department of Human and Rehabilitation Sciences is currently offering two degree programs i.e. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) (05 Years) program and BS Biotechnology (04 Years) program. Rehabilitation is an area of study that explores human disability and functions and helps the people achieve optimal health. The program helps people to get back, keep and improve abilities that they need in their daily life. Rehabilitation is a broad term that includes Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Psychology. Biotechnology is multidisciplinary field with wide applications in medicine, diagnostics, cure of hereditary defects, regenerative technology biopharmaceutical drugs, vaccine technology, nanotechnology, agriculture products, bio-pesticides, food technology, animal breeding and in environment remediation. The department has envisaged to produce graduate with cutting edge laboratory skills, latest theoretical concepts and research skills. Department has highly motivated faculty with requisite qualification and expertise to ensure the quality of education. The department is equipped with cutting edge laboratory facilities and smart class rooms facilities. The students will be exposed from basic concepts to latest trends of theory and research of their respective field of the study. Though department is currently offering undergraduate programs, soon postgraduate programs will also be offered in near future.

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