B.Ed (2.5 Years Model)

Teaching has been considered as a profession. Pakistan has developed National Professional Standards for Teachers to encourage the professionalism in the teacher education. Therefore, it’s a time to build professional attitude among the prospective teachers to fill the gap and also prepare them for the future challenges in the field of education. Moreover, Higher Education Commission has introduced roadmap for teacher education, which includes different streams of B.Ed. degree, one of that is B.Ed. Elementary / Secondary of two years’ duration after a bridging semester. The pre requisite of this degree would be 14 years of schooling i.e. B.A /B.Sc.
The aim of this B. Ed (2.5 year) program is to develop the professionalism among the prospective teachers and to develop educational leaders/trainers who can work as Teachers, School Heads, School Counselors, Curriculum Experts, Academic Auditors and Result Analyst. Similarly, the intention of this program is to establish challenging learning environment infused with professional and research based practices for the production of balanced and harmonious educational leaders who can be proactively involved in innovation, research and development of national and international community. Additionally, the programmay produce professionally sound teachers who can contribute to the field of education, share experiences and build academic acquaintance with the education community. So the target population of the programs is those hardworking graduates having an urge for teaching, potential for caring out true research and wishing to act as future education leaders.

PEO - 1: 1. Perform as competent teachers, teacher educators, educational leaders and special education professionals keeping in view the modern needs of teaching and learning in digital era.
PEO - 2: Understand, apply and evaluate the central pedagogical concepts, tools of inquiry and structures, critical thinking and research in the discipline of education in general and different interventions for students with special needs in particular.
PEO - 3: The graduates will become entrepreneur and achieving excellence in academic issues, socio cultural economic, and physical growth and development and become source of socio-cultural change and economic stability of the country.
PEO - 4: The graduates will understand and evaluate how students come to view, develop, learn and make sense of subject matter and pedagogical knowledge contained in the curriculum and in cocurricular activities

After completing this programme, prospective teachers will be able to:
PLO - 1: Enhance their professional skills as teacher in teaching, learning, and professional development through effective teaching practices.
PLO - 2: Have broad based knowledge and skills to develop different tools of assessment and evaluation and implement them practically according to modern trends I educational testing and measurement.
PLO - 3: Have effective skills as teacher educators, educational leaders and motivational professionals in the educational field.
PLO - 4: Design and implement different classroom instructional strategies to promote practical teaching and learning process.
PLO - 5: Integrate content, pedagogy, research, and theory to build on experience and address individual areas of interest and need, while being responsive to the needs of students.
PLO - 6: Develop knowledge, abilities, and dispositions with regard to teaching techniques, curriculum design, and assessment practices for informed decision-making in the classroom.

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B.Ed (2.5 Years Model)

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The duration of the program is a minimum of 2.5 years

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