Faculty of Management, Information Science, and Technology

Faculty of Management, Information Science, and Technology (FMIST)

In the line of vision & mission of the university, Faculty is committed to deliver quality education and inculcate the concept of knowledge driven economy. Following two departments fall under FMIST :

Department of Management Sciences & Technology

Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Faculty is supported by highly motivated and adequately qualified personnel with required expertise to ensure the quality of education. In terms of physical facilities, the faculty has spacious classrooms, smart classrooms, and computer laboratories, and a good collection of references & textbooks.

The priority of modern education methods is supported by the presence of innovative curricula, modern technological facilities, and up-to-date software. In addition, seminars and workshops on diverse learning strategies and teaching methods help faculty members to keep up-to-date with current developments on teaching technologies.

The Faculty of Management, Information Science, and Technology - FMIST is keen to provide an environment where students should get personalized attention as per their need and must be equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and skills in line with the requirements of a competitive global work environment as well as social and cultural values.