BNBWU and the Goals Set Forth in the BNBWU and SRSO MoU

In alignment with the objective of women empowerment at BNBWU and the goals set forth in the BNBWU and SRSO MoU, a seminar held on May 10, 2024 aimed to foster entrepreneurship among students. The seminar highlighted numerous skill development and funding opportunities available through the partnership between SRSO and BNBWU. Dr. Noor Brohi, BNB, conveyed the visionary goals of Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Tehmina Nangraj, encouraging students to play their role in nation building, emphasizing the pivotal role of women as the key pillar of emerging nations. While Dr. Ghulam Rasool Samejo, Regional General Manager of SRSO – Sindh Rural Support Organization highlighted the importance of skill development and proper execution of business ideas. This seminar marks the beginning of a series of events aimed at generating 200 viable business plans among BNBWU students