From Classroom to Bookshelf: BNBWU Celebrates Student Authors

Ms. Atiqa, 8th-semester student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program of BNBWU, called on and presented her book, “When Time is By Your Side.” to Prof. Dr. Tahmina Mangan, Vice Chancellor, BNBWU Sukkur. Prof. Dr. Tahmina, herself an avid reader and aficionado of literature and politics, got very much fascinated with the book. She praised Ms. Atiqa’s remarkable achievement, highlighting the fact that BNBWU students excel not only academically but also in diverse extracurricular pursuits. From her first day as Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Tahmina has been a strong supporter for student growth and success, nurturing an environment where talents in all areas are cultivated and celebrated.

In line with this commitment, Dr. Tahmina has also announced her initiative to establish a Literature Society, aimed at encouraging students like Ms. Atiqa to explore and express their literary talents. This pioneering step marks the first time such a student society will be established at BNBWU, promising to enrich the campus community with an energetic literary culture.