Center For Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Establishment Of Center For Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership (CWEL)

Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University (BNBWU) aims to foster the culture of women entrepreneurship and will provide them support through the center for women entrepreneurship & leadership (CWEL) that will support women to become financially empower through business start-up.

Our Vision & Mission



To be a center for women entrepreneurship & Leadership (CWEL) is established to foster entrepreneurial culture through nurturing nascent women ideas into business start-ups for making self –reliant /financially independent women.





Our mission is to offer university driven platform and also to provide nascent women entrepreneurs with the solution those are relevant to their needs and are also adjustable to local rural Sindh & national needs, context through collaboration of efforts by university.

  • To ignite the minds of women for innovation through entrepreneurship.
  • To stimulate entrepreneurial spirit & culture among women.
  • To contribute social business start-ups through intensive trainings & Mentoring.
  • To promote economic development in rural under-served communities through business start-up to encourage women entrepreneurship.




The CWEL team aimed to generate quality employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to address the “economic and empowerment issues” for nascent women entrepreneurs in Pakistan especially in “interior Sindh



Our Team

Prof. Dr. Tahmina Mangan

Worthy Vice Chancellor

Dr. Marvi Soomro